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Dec 4, 2012

A Message From The Founders

Hi this is Felix and Martin, when we started in 2002 we tried to show that with the right kind of technology it’s possible and easy for people to discover new music they like.  We always thought that by taking a similar approach for the Web as a whole it should be easy for people to discover all sorts of content. So, rather than just think about it, we’ve started building a prototype to do just that. We’ve been working on it for a while and today we’re asking for your help to take it further.

Introducing Lumi…

For some time we’ve been asking ourselves why do we always have to start from scratch when we fire up our browser? We put a lot of time and effort into searching for things, following links and surfing, yet all of this effort is forgotten and counts for nothing. Instead, wouldn’t it make sense to use this data to help us find better stuff?

With Lumi we’re trying to create a new way for you to discover things online. We think of it as a personal Web experience.

Lumi is a website that allows you to anonymously and securely record the web pages you visit to let Lumi know what you are interested in. It finds popular webpages among all users and makes suggestions of pages that will interest you.

Today we ask you to become an early bird Lumi user, install the Lumi extension and keep on browsing. You don’t need to do anything else to get better suggestions on the Lumi website! Just visit Lumi as often as you find it interesting. And as more and more users join in, it should get even more interesting.

All this will take a little time; it’s going to be far from perfect to begin with and might be a bit bumpy for quite some time.  But as more content gets introduced to Lumi we’re sure Lumi will be able to find interesting and relevant content for you.

We’re very aware that recording your visit data with Lumi raises some pretty serious privacy concerns. We assure you that your browsing activity is secure, completely anonymized, and only ever accessible by you. You can find out more about this here.

We’re really excited about Lumi and welcome you to join us for this very early stage of its life. We hope you like it. Please do let us know what you think.

Felix & Martin

Update: What a couple of days it’s been! We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response Lumi has received. As we mentioned before, we’re
doing things really slowly and letting in small batches of users at a time. If you’ve not received your invitation yet please don’t worry, you will very soon. Thank you very much for your support!

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